Work Sample

28 Feb

My work sample is an article I wrote about my assistant basketball coach Terry Hollander for my writing class that was picked to be put in the Lindenwood newspaper. I wrote about how coach came from St. Charles West after 30 years of coaching, to come help our team.

The main focus of my article was what Coach Hollander was going to bring to the team. I talked about his experience, his on court coaching ability and most importantly his confidence he brings to the players. I had one or two other articles put in the paper but this was by far my best written and biggest article, which I think is a perfect thing to put in my portfolio.

I think this is a  good thing to put in my portfolio because it allows people to see that I have the ability to present my ideas in a form that isn’t verbal. Even though that writing a sports article isn’t directly connected with the coaching profession I think it is important because coaches do have to write in several different ways.

Coaches use writing to communicate through e-mail’s, recruiting letters, and letters to boosters and other people who support the program.  The article also shows that I can be successful in something that I have never done before and don’t have a lot of experience in . 

This is also a skill that I found I have that I didn’t know I had. I have always thought I was an ok writer but I never thought that I was good enough to be put in a newspaper. So although I never thought about going into sports writing, this could be something for me to look into if coaching doesn’t work out.

Whether or not this is something that I would go into or something that would be vital to the coaching profession, It is something that I can show off to the people who are looking to hire me.


Where I Am

14 Feb

Where I am in this class is a little behind. Where I am in life is exactly where I want to be. And concerning both of these, I am just trying to enjoy my time in school and enjoy all the other aspects of my life without stressing or worrying too much about the struggles. School is just a stepping stone to the rest of my life and my perspective on it is, the reason you go to school is to get a degree and I am on pace to do that in 4 years. As far as this class goes its been a struggle to get used to all the homework being turned in online instead of in person and the informational interview is a lot more difficult than I first thought it would be.

The difficulty for me with the informational interview is the guideline of not being able to interview a family member or a person that you already have a relationship with. Because I want to be a college basketball coach, the most obvious and the best person for me to interview would be my father who has been a head and assistant coach at all 4 levels of college basketball and on all stages including he Big Ten, where he was apart of a Final Four team. My other issue is finding a college coach around the St. Louis area that I don’t already know or have a relationship yet. Also from being around college basketball my entire life, I don’t think that I will hear anything I don’t already know about the profession.

I have been brainstorming for quite a while now and have found a few college coaches that would work for this project. However, I have also been thinking about doing an interview in another profession besides coaching which would alow me to network in another field just in case coaching doesn’t work out and it would also allow me to receive some knowledge in something other than college basketball. Because I am getting a degree in communications with a focus on sports information, I thought it would be a smart choice for me to network and learn about another profession just in case my career in the chaotic and unreliable coaching world doesn’t work out.

What I’m Looking For

29 Jan

After graduating Lindenwood with a degree in Communications and Sports Information focus I plan to become a graduate assistant here at Lindenwood or at another University and help out with the basketball program. During my year as a graduate assistant I plan on getting my masters and learning the college basketball coaching field more indepthly than I already know it. After recieving my masters I hope to become a college coach at either the division one or two level. I think that because of my experience as a D1, D2 and NAIA player as well as my history as a coaches son I will have several opportunities to get into the buisness.  I also have several contacts in the College Basketball world because of my father’s experience and the people I have come in contact with over my several years as a player. However before I get into the college basketball workforce there is still several things I need to do, mainly creating a work portfolio and a resume that will help me look and feel more professional and confident in interviews.

This course I’m hoping  to learn the correct ways to put together a resume so that the combination of the look, design and contents of it are impressive to those people who are looking to hire. I also hope to learn proper and professional ways to act during buisness meetings, interviews. Such things as what to wear, what questions to expect, what background information to use and not to use anything that will help me make a good impression. I also hope that in this class I can make a portfolio that will present all the things that I have done throughout my life and career that can give me a edge against other people in the same field as me.

Because of the lofty goals I have set for myself in my life, I believe that this class can prepare me not only physically with a portfolio and resume but also mentally with a boost of cofidence in interview settings. I am excited for this semester because I believe that the things I learn and create in this class will help me be successful in the real world and allow my dreams of being a division one head coach come true.

Hello world!

27 Jan

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