State of the News Media

30 Apr

Reading “The State of the News Media 2013” article gave several implications of what news is turning into and how the transformation will ultimately affect consumers and future journalist. What the information presented focused on was the ways consumers of news are getting their information. It also focused on the growth of digital advertising and how the dominance of four or five digital companies in the advertising realm could possibly hurt the online news media. The information over-all was very insightful and gave a great picture of what the future of news media is heading towards.

In our online journalism class, we have focused a lot of our time and discussions on the idea of digital media and social media becoming a large portion of the way consumers receive their news information. The data collected in this article not only presents the idea that news media is becoming popular but also that it is slowly becoming the main source of news.

The Pew Research Center’s 2012 News Media Consumption survey showed that the only category of news that showed any growth in the last two years was online news. This research also showed that 19% of Americans saw news or news headlines on social network “yesterday” (doubled from 2010).

Another extreme advancement being made, which goes along with online news media, is the use of mobile devices to consume news. The data collected showed that 31% of adults now own a tablet computer (up almost three times in two years) and 45% of adults own a smartphone, up from 35% in May 2011. This same survey also showed that 31% of tablet news users said that they spend more time with news since getting their mobile devices and another 43% said that the device is adding to the amount of news they consume. All of this information is proof that news media is slowly becoming a digital and more over an online industry.

This data indicate a bright and exciting future for the news consumer. As technology and the digital age continue to grow the consumer of news will be rewarded with easier accessed, faster updated and more interacting news than ever before. As a consumer you can’t help but be excited about the direction the news industry is going. With the internet literally at everyone’s finger tips it is obvious to see that as a consumer the news industry is changing to fulfill the needs of their audience. Consumers now receive and will continue to receive more information that is given to them quicker, faster, and more up to date than ever before.

As a possible future media business employee the data presents several positives and several negatives. The fact that online and mobile news has grown so much, presents the benefits of new jobs related to social media and online news that were not available years ago. The downfall to the growth of online journalism is the downfall of television, print, and radio news. This downfall takes away from jobs that used to be available.

Also the fact that “revenues from print and television evaporated far faster than digital revenues have grown,” is not a good sign for future employees. From the research, it is show that in the digital advertising battle, news is a tiny player in a market dominated by the large technology companies like Google and Facebook. This fact shows that although online news is growing, the way you make money online (advertisements), has been a struggle for the news industry.

The state of the news media is important to everyone, not just journalist and this topic gets talked about all the time. As a consumer, as long as I have a smartphone or a tablet I have news. As a possible future media business employee as long as there is news there will be jobs out there.


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