Cigarette Commercial

10 Apr

I found a 1950’s commercial advertising “Kool Cigarettes.” This ad’s slogan was presented as serious but it was the most backwards and comedic slogan I found. The commercials saying was, “as cool and as clean as a breath of fresh air.”

The ad started with a cartoon penguin ice skating through a snow-capped mountain. It then showed an icy stream with clean water flowing through it. After these images, a well dressed and good-looking man is shown smoking a “Kool Cigarette.” He then says, “Your mouth feels clean, your throat refreshed.” This commercial is implying that Kool Cigarettes are much different from other cigarettes. Unlike normal smokes, Kool Cigarettes make your throat feel clean and refreshed instead of hot and clogged up.

The ad is so false in its content that it is almost comical. They are telling the audience that as you suck in a giant breath of smoke it is just like you are breathing in a breath of fresh air. Kool Cigarettes are being presented as a cigarette that is clean and therefore much healthier and safe than normal cigarettes.

“The finest leaf tobacco, mild refreshing menthol and worlds most thoroughly tested filter.” Although this statement and these so-called facts sound great, there is no way to know if they are true. Is the leaf the finest according to actual studies or just the companies opinion? Is it the most thoroughly tested filter by all cigarettes standards or just the companies?

There is no way for the audience to know if these statements are actually true or just statements with underlying factors. This statement isn’t necessarily lying but it is withholding important information. Information like who did the studies, who said that their leaf is the finest or most thoroughly tested. Advertisers have no regulations or no rules saying that they can’t make comments like this. For all we know the owners Grandma may have said that their leaves are the finest and their filter is the most thoroughly tested.

The appeal that this company is trying to use is that their cigarette is different from others. They state in the commercial, “why don’t you switch from hot to the snow fresh coolness of Kool.” The advertisement is claiming that other cigarettes are hot and undelightful, while their cigarette is cool and enjoyable.

From my analysis I do believe that this is an unethical advertisement.  By using the tactics of stating the truth but not the whole truth, the company is tricking the audience into thinking their comments are fact. Although I do think it is a clever scheme making their cigarette completely the opposite of how people think of cigarettes. The commercial still withholds truths and deceives the audience, which is not ethical.


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