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What I’m Looking For

29 Jan

After graduating Lindenwood with a degree in Communications and Sports Information focus I plan to become a graduate assistant here at Lindenwood or at another University and help out with the basketball program. During my year as a graduate assistant I plan on getting my masters and learning the college basketball coaching field more indepthly than I already know it. After recieving my masters I hope to become a college coach at either the division one or two level. I think that because of my experience as a D1, D2 and NAIA player as well as my history as a coaches son I will have several opportunities to get into the buisness.  I also have several contacts in the College Basketball world because of my father’s experience and the people I have come in contact with over my several years as a player. However before I get into the college basketball workforce there is still several things I need to do, mainly creating a work portfolio and a resume that will help me look and feel more professional and confident in interviews.

This course I’m hoping  to learn the correct ways to put together a resume so that the combination of the look, design and contents of it are impressive to those people who are looking to hire. I also hope to learn proper and professional ways to act during buisness meetings, interviews. Such things as what to wear, what questions to expect, what background information to use and not to use anything that will help me make a good impression. I also hope that in this class I can make a portfolio that will present all the things that I have done throughout my life and career that can give me a edge against other people in the same field as me.

Because of the lofty goals I have set for myself in my life, I believe that this class can prepare me not only physically with a portfolio and resume but also mentally with a boost of cofidence in interview settings. I am excited for this semester because I believe that the things I learn and create in this class will help me be successful in the real world and allow my dreams of being a division one head coach come true.


Hello world!

27 Jan

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